LAPO - Nigeria

Documentation de projet | 30 décembre 2015

MFI Information:

MFI: LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited
Mission: Promote economic empowerment of low-income Nigerians through creation of access to responsive financial services on a sustainable basis.

Decent Work Area:

Child Labour


Financial Services & Non-Financial Services: Soft loan and awareness campaign
  • Educating clients on the disadvantages of sending their children to work
  • Offering a financial product (a soft loan for school fees at 1%/month) to help parents to diffuse the lump sum school payment over a monthly repayment schedule


School attendance: marginal impact for clients exposed to awareness campaign only; and insignificant impact for clients benefiting from the campaign plus loan

No significant impact on child labour incidence, with even increased hours worked

Awareness on child labour: no significant impact with higher value placed on work than school (negative impact of innovation).

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