IMON International - Tajikistan

Documentation de projet | 30 décembre 2015

MFI Information:

IMON International LLC
Mission: Promote sustainable economic development and improved quality of life of Tajikistan by insuring reliable access to financial services for the economically active members of population

Decent Work Area:

Women empowerment through entrepreneurship


Combined financial & non-financial services: Specific start-up loans for women with entrepreneurship training
  • A start-up loan programme with entrepreneurship training targeted at women potential entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur training package based on ILO’s Get Ahead curriculum


Increased self-employment and income generating opportunities
  • 258 out of 487 women who were trained reported having implemented their business idea (62% of women who responded to the question)
  • The majority of women started their business within 3 months
Mixed results on women entrepreneurship:
  • At baseline, the treatment group report more entrepreneurial characteristics than the control group even though they had less business experience. However, in the follow-up surveys – the treatment group seemed to have become less convinced about their entrepreneurial characteristics.
  • Mixed results regarding the effects of the innovation on business practices: increased in business practices, increased awareness of business association, increased uptake of products
No impact of the innovation on women empowerment indicators

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