Bai Tushum Bank - Kyrgyzstan

Documentation de projet | 30 décembre 2015

MFI Information:

Bai Tushum Bank
Mission: Contribute to the economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic through the delivery of microfinance services in rural and urban areas that lead to increased employment and meet the interest of its clients and investors.

Decent Work Area:

Job creation


Combined financial and non-financial services: internal restructuring of loan delivery process and differentiated Micro-credit and SME loans.

A new loan delivery mechanism: reorganization of the delivery system by establishing a separate department for SME and microenterprise

Note: Bai Tushum did not implement fully the innovation due to external factors: Kyrgyz political crisis


Positive results:
  • Job creation amongst clients: from 92% of clients that have employees at baseline to almost 100% at the last survey
  • Inconclusive results on effects of increased loan size on job creation.
Negative results on wage employment:
  • Decrease from 43% to 28% of wage employment amongst clients

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