Mobilization of Worker's Cooperatives - CETU

The first series of trainings, which focused on financial education, aimed to strengthen the workers’ abilities to make effective and efficient use of financial services and financial service providers, particularly SACCOs (which are often run by a group of trade union members). The training covered the following topics: introduction to microfinance, microinsurance and risk management, how to effectively interact with financial institutions, financial planning, savings, budgeting and cash flows, understanding your salary, and how SACCO members can influence SACCO governance.

The second series of trainings, which focused on the effective management of SACCOs, was geared towards SACCO managers and trade union leaders. It aimed to strengthen their understanding of management issues and enhance their understanding of microfinance principles. Key topics included the roles and responsibilities of the SACCO board, management and committees, the legal environment of SACCOs and MFIs, general management, financial management, operational management, microfinance and microinsurance.

The mobilization of Worker’s Cooperatives (CETU) trained 92 workers, SACCO managers and trade union leaders, of which 38% were women.