SCORE Phase IV in Bolivia will launch in 2023 the new ILO training programme: Formalize Your Business

ILO's SCORE Phase IV Project in Bolivia, in partnership with the ILO's Enterprise Formalization Team in Geneva and partners in the country, will implement the adapted Formaliza Tu Negocio programme to promote a route to formalization for MSMEs in Bolivia.

News | 20 January 2023
La Paz - With the aim of strengthening initiatives for MSMEs to access financing, business management training, export opportunities and strengthening business networks to formalize their businesses and improve their living conditions, the ILO's SCORE Phase IV Project in Bolivia, the ILO's Enterprise Formalization Team in Geneva and strategic partners in the country are joining forces to adapt and implement the ILO's Formalize Your Business (FYB) programme to the Bolivian context.

The FYB Programme aims to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the importance of formalizing their business (or starting a formal business), to learn about the processes of registering their business under national regulations and how to meet the challenges of formalization for a business.

To adapt the Formalize Your Business training to the national context, we brought together the main public agencies involved in the business formalization process. This puts them on the map and facilitates inter-agency collaboration. Our partner organizations have identified FYB as an essential part of their training portfolio

Judith Van Doorn, Specialist in Enterprise Formalization – ILO

The adaptation of the Formaliza Tu Negocio programme to the local context includes adjusting the teaching materials to reflect the diverse realities of the informal economy in the country and the difficulties that require looking at informality from a multidimensional perspective
; it also addresses the challenges as well as the opportunities for transitioning to formality.

We are convinced that the Formaliza Tu Negocio proposal offers an opportunity to continue scaling up the interventions of the SCORE project in its fourth and final phase in Bolivia, in addition to representing an innovative, relevant and context-based training offer in the country

Chandni Lanfranchi, Technical Officer for SME Development and Formalization – ILO Office for the Andean Countries

The FYB programme will be implemented in three stages:
  1. First stage: Validation of the FYB programme by the main counterparts in Bolivia
  2. Second stage: Training of Trainers (TOT) process for the implementation of the FYB programme in Bolivia
  3. Third stage: Implementation of the FYB programme for entrepreneurs
Through the creation of four characters that will guide the contents of Formaliza Tu Negocio in the third stage, each with a unique experience and professional background, it is expected that entrepreneurs will understand the process, the steps and the institutions involved in the process to formalize their businesses.

To generate continuity in ILO's interventions in Bolivia, special emphasis will be placed on reaching entrepreneurs who have participated in previous trainings such as IMPULSA, RE-Actívate, and Despega tu Negocio, among others.