Formalize Your Business training for small enterprises

Instructional material | 18 January 2022

What is “Formalize Your Business”?

Formalize Your Business is a training course designed to support the transition of informal economic units to the formal economy. This training aims to sensitize male and female entrepreneurs on the importance of formalization, how to achieve it in their country, and how to deal with the challenges of formalizing micro and small enterprises. It also raises awareness on why and how to comply with existing laws as a formalized business. The Formalize Your Business training can be carried out as a stand-alone training or complement the SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business) training programme of the International Labour Organization.

Structure of the FYB training (adaptable)

Who is the Learner’s Handbook for?

The Learner’s Handbook is aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to set up a business according to the procedures and requirements of the law in their country. It is also intended for use by entrepreneurs who are already in business and who wish to become compliant with existing regulations, i.e. to transition from an informal to a formal business in order to overcome the constraints and obstacles associated with operating in the informal economy, but also to benefit from the advantages of a formal business status. The information on business formalization processes (topics 2 to 7) in the handbook is country-specific as regulations differ.

Who is the Trainer’s Guide for?

The Trainer’s Guide is intended for use by trainers who are certified to deliver the “Formalize Your Business” training. The main objective is to help trainers conduct their training activities on the topic in a methodical way. The proposed session plans, which are organized by subtopic, outline the objectives of each session and provide a detailed description for the delivery of the topics to participants and on how each training activity should be conducted.

In which countries is the training available?

The Formalize Your Business training has been developed for Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia and Senegal in collaboration with constituents. The training materials are based on country-specific information and exercises. An adaptation toolkit for the training is currently in development and will be available in English and French.

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