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Les cours de formation organisés par le Centre international de formation de l’OIT, Turin (Italie)

Ecoutez les enregistrements de séminaires en ligne avec des spécialistes du BIT (en anglais):

Globalizing Employee Resource Groups on disability - 22 mai 2019
• Affirmative recruitment practices: Ensuring an inclusive experience for job seekers with disabilities  - 27 mars 2019
Achieving Equal Pay: Lessons from the ILO 2018-2019 Global Wage Report and Global Stakeholders  - 17 janvier 2019
What's in a number? Disability data for business change  - 4 octobre 2018 
Filling the skills gaps and addressing the mismatches - What can business do? - 19 novembre 2015
How can companies uphold freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining? - From principle to action – 6 mai 2015
Safety and Health in the Construction Sector- Overcoming the Challenges – 7 novembre 2014
New international standard on the elimination of forced labour - Implications for business – 5 septembre 2014
Business and the Realization of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights -- 16 juillet 2013
How global enterprises are responding to the global call for the extension of social protection – 14 mai 2013
Migrant Workers and Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities –11 février 2013 et 1 mars 2013
Web accessibility for persons with disabilities: benefits for all –12 février 2013
Human rights and social justice: Let’s end child labour –27 novembre 2012
The ILO-IFC Better Work Programme – 24 avril 2012
Disability in the Workplace and the ILO Global Business and Disability Network – 3 avril 2012
Women’s Entrepreneurship Development: ILO experiences in assisting women entrepreneurs in starting-up a productive business with growth potential – 21 février 2012
HIV and AIDS in the workplace: how companies can make the difference in prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS – 28 novembre 2011
Eradicating Forced Labour from Global Supply Chains – 26 octobre 2011
Disability in the Workplace and the ILO Global Business and Disability Network - 29 juin 2011
Children in Hazardous Work - 24 mai 2011
Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value - How do We Get There? - 29 mars 2011