AMK - Cambodia

Documentation de projet | 21 décembre 2015

MFI Information:

Anghor Mikroheranhvatho Kampuchea Co. Ltd. (AMK)
Mission: Help large number of poor people to improve their livelihoods options though the delivery of appropriate and viable microfinance services

Decent Work Area:

Vulnerability, Risk Management and Overindebtedness


Non-Financial Services: Financial Education

Financial education training, based on ILO’s financial education manuals for Cambodia. The goal was to equip clients with skills and knowledge so that they take informed decisions about earnings, spending, budgeting, savings, and borrowing.

AMK applied an indirect training approach focusing on increasing financial education and training capacity of staff and delivering key message in group meetings throughout the loan cycle.


Strongest positive impact on the repayment behaviour of clients:
  • Reduction of 3.4% in late payments
Significant and positive impacts on:
  • Asset building through 10% increase of insurance uptake;
  • Financial attitude through 8% reduction in clients’ believe that it is impossible to save, an 1% increase in clients’ association of savings and security, through improved handling of debt, as well as attitude towards borrowing.

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