Women's entreprenuership development in Vietnam: learning from good practices

The International Labour Organization has long been involved in fostering enterprise development in Viet Nam as away to promoting Decent Work for all women and men. Much of this work has focused on supporting the establishment and growth of micro and small enterprises for women and men,combining a market-development approach with a strongrights-based perspective. Since 2009, significant work has been undertaken through the active collaboration of the Irish Aid-funded project on Women's Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Equality (WEDGE)with the VCCI, the VCA, the VWU and other partner organizations.

During the past five years, many national agencies, donors, and NGOs have supported entrepreneurship development, including the promotion of micro and small enterprises owned by men and women. Various projects have been implemented in different geographical areas, and with different target groups and approaches. To date, however, little sharing has taken place amongst these projects, even though there are good opportunities to learn fromeach other. In this report, night projects and models on entrepreneurship development are highlighted. The selection of these organizations/projects was made by the consultants in consultation with the WEDGE project. All selected projects and organizations are known to have activities and interventions on women's entrepreneurship development.