Working Paper No. 5 - Social economy approaches to mainstreaming HIV/AIDS : the case of the Kasojetua youth group

CoopAFRICA Working Paper No. 5 - with ILO/AIDS, Series on HIV/AIDS impact mitigation in the world of work – responses from the social economy

Members of a Namibian based youth group called ‘the Okondjatu Kasojetua Youth Group came to the realization that there were many unmet needs within their communities, especially regarding HIV, which they could respond to if they organized themselves and worked in a collaborative manner with existing regional constituents and community structures. This case study explores the activities of the Okondjatu Kasojetua Youth Group and how these activities respond to community need for HIV support and educational services. Programmes include a musical band, a choir, a home-base care programme as well as a programme to support orphans and vulnerable children in their education. The study finds that the actions of the youth group are particularly innovative as they mainstream the issue of HIV across all their core activities. This provides the community with many different opportunities for learning about HIV/AIDS, while also providing access to HIV related services that are friendly and accessible to all members of society.