GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise Training Package and Resource Kit

The training package Gender and Entrepreneurship Together – GET Ahead for Women in Enterprise – aims to assist ILO partner organizations in promoting enterprise development among women in poverty who want to start or are already engaged in small-scale business.

The training package consists of three parts. Part 1 sets out the main aims and
strategies, and gives an overview of the training content and structure. It provides
tips for trainers and hints for organizing training on GET Ahead for women in enterprise.

Part 2 is organized in four main sections and covers a total of 10 modules. Each
module consists of a series of exercises. Each exercise starts with listing the
specific learning objectives for participants, gives an overview of the training aids
needed, outlines possible preparatory activities which need to be carried out before the start of an exercise and provides a step-by-step session plan.
Part 3 provides resource and reference materials for trainers and entrepreneurs.