Reader Inter-Agency Conference on Local Economic Development

@local.glob Global Thinking for Local Development - Issue No. 5 - Year 2008 - Special issue prepared and produced in conjunction with: ILO Local Economic Development (ILO/LED) in support of the Inter-Agency Conference on Local Economic Development 22-24 October 2008

This issue provides an overview of current Local Economic Development challenges, interview with key partners and a list of resources, networks and contacts. Topics covered range from territorial competitiveness, cluster development, value chain upgrading, sustainable tourism, responses to climate change at the local level, skills upgrading, indigenous peoples and cooperatives among others. All the experiences presented in this reader have been contributed by recognized experts from the ILO and other organizations working on the field of local economic and private sector development, and have in common the recognition of the specifics of localities and a concern for strengthening the local economy to create decent work and a better quality of life for men and women.