Being "Real" about Youth Entrepreneurship in Eastern and Southern Africa: Implications for Adults, Institutions and Sector Structures, Series on Youth and Entrepreneurship

SEED Working Paper No. 72

Reviews developments in the livelihood situation and challenges facing young Africans. Presents an operational model and strategy for supporting the entrepreneurship, livelihood development skills and knowledge requirements, and demands of young people in their transition to economic independence.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the issue of youth unemployment and underemployment remains as one of the major challenges for governments and development partners. It is the region that has the largest proportion of young women and men. Policies at national and international levels are important. However, what makes a real difference in day-to-day lives of young women and men are the interactions with their families, peers and communities, as well as with those adult practitioners such as youth workers, teachers, trainers and other service providers.This paper starts with the realities facing young people in Eastern and Southern Africa.