Sector selection

One of the first questions any project team needs to answer is: Where do we start? The Lab has co-developed a tool to select sectors and value chains, which are positioned to deliver better employment outcomes. Check out our concrete examples for inspiration.


Focus value chain(s): cotton, grapes, poultry, sheep, goats, almonds and dairy
Decent work objective: Incomes and job creation
Partner: Road to Jobs (Sida-ILO)
Read: Selecting the road to more and better jobs    


Focus value chains(s): Mango and hot pepper
Decent work objective: Productive employment
Partner: Guyana’s Ministry of Business
Read: Sector Selection in Guyana: Finding Export and Value Add Opportunities in Thin Markets


Focus value chains(s): Horticulture, apples, apricots, potatoes and plums
Decent work objective: Income increase 
Partner: UNIDO
Read: Assessment of select horticultural sectors in Kyrgyzstan, and their market access potential


Focus value chains(s): Wood furniture, aquaculture, tourism
Decent work objective: SME productivity and working conditions
Read: Sector selection in Peru (in Spanish)

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