Equality for all = Success for all

International Womens Day 2017 marks the launch of our new gender equality campaign in the workplace “Equality for all = Success for all”.

Article | 07 March 2017
Gender equality in the world of work is at the heart of the ILO mandate and is woven into the fabric of the SCORE Programme. International Womens Day 2017 marks the launch of the SCORE programme's new campaign “Equality for all = Success for all”.

SCORE trained enterprises know that women’s full and active participation in the workforce, with equal opportunities for leadership, is key for success.

Successful businesses hire and promote the most talented employees, regardless of their sex. By displaying this poster on the factory floor, SCORE trained companies are committing to:
• Equal pay for men and women doing jobs of equal value
• Providing equal access to training and professional development for male and female employees
• Offering flexible working arrangements, so all employees can balance work and family duties
• Zero tolerance for harassment, violence and bullying

New SCORE Training Gender Equality poster campaign launched 8th March 2017 - International Women's Day

Examples of national language versions, from Viet Nam and Colombia:

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