1. Publication

    Designing and Implementing Market-led Interventions in Forced Displacement Settings

    28 février 2024

  2. Actualité

    ILO and UNHCR Nepal collaborate in implementing market-based livelihood interventions for refugees and host communities in Koshi Province and Kathmandu

    15 décembre 2023

  3. Vidéo

    The Approach to Inclusive Market Systems in Action!

    30 novembre 2023

    Have a look at this video highlighting results from an AIMS initiative to develop the Sesame value chain in Uganda. This initiative was launched in the framework of ILO’s PROSPECTS programme and in association with the private sector partner Ag-Plutos to stimulate decent work prospects for refugees and host community members. The partnership has resulted in increased yield and higher returns for refugee and host community sesame farmers, jobs for the trained village agents and access to required produce for sesame aggregators in the region.

  4. Evènement

    Inclusive private sector development in forced displacement contexts

    A technical knowledge-sharing event on engaging and developing the private sector in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

  5. Publication

    Market systems analysis of the food service sector for employment inclusion of refugees in Egypt

    14 juin 2023

    This study explores the food services and restaurants sector in Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta regions of the Egypt in terms of key market constraints for SME's growth and the creation of more and better jobs for urban refugees, youth and host communities.

  6. Publication

    The humanitarian development nexus in action: A review and mapping of market-led approaches in forced displacement contexts

    16 mai 2023

    This report provides insights and lessons learned on the implementation of market-based approaches in displacement contexts.

  7. Publication

    Results of pilot trials on greenhouse productivity and working condition with 12 selected farmers in Akkar and the Bekaa

    16 mars 2023

  8. Publication

    Building inclusive markets for refugees and host communities in Province 1, Nepal

    24 octobre 2022

    A Market Systems Analysis of the vegetables, piggery and poultry value chains

  9. Publication

    Integrated enterprise and market systems assessment on the refugee and host community livelihoods in Sudan

    21 avril 2022

    Integrated enterprise and market systems assessment on the refugee and host community livelihoods in Sudan

  10. Brief

    When OSH is Good for Business

    17 février 2022

    A Guidance Note on Using Market Systems Development to Advance Occupational Safety and Health among MSMEs