Value Chain development (VCD)and Business Development Services (BDS) Resource Guide

Resource list | 02 August 2010

VCD and BDS resources

  • ILOs small enterprise programme with the key ILO documents on VCD and BDS
  •– ILOs EnterGrowth project website rich on implementation reports and practical guidelines for market system development
  • or– key resource site for BDS and VCD, originally started by the ILO, now managed by the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) ILOs Value Chain Manual: HERR, M. (2007) An operational guide to Local Value Chain Development, ILO, Geneva
  • ITC ILOs distance and F2F course on Business Service Markets and Value Chain Development
  • website with a huge number of resources on linking Finance and Business Development Services
  •– USAIDs site for enterprise development including Microfinance and VCD. Key resources: Breakfast seminar series, Downloadable VCD training course, Very rich in case studies, Lots on Value Chain Finance
  • Swiss Development Cooperation rural Value Chains Website
  • Good materials for practical market assessment and Value Chain Programme design, from MEDA, a US NGO
  • Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical – a site rich on Value Chain Training manuals for agro-enterprise and other resources in English and Spanish mainly
  • GTZs Value Links Guide a guide with a range of tools and examples on how to develop value chains. Organized in a way that different stages are easy to access and read on their own
  • Katalyst is a big multidonor BDS and VCD project in Bangladesh, several interesting case studies and other material
  • – IFCs South East-Asia Enterprise development facility website
  • - SEEP Enterprise Exchange and Urban Value Chains. The site is already rich in resources but is also still being build up. A Gates Foundation funded project focussing on latest thinking on Urban Value Chain Development. Do also Check out the Practitioner Learning Programme papers on
  •– source for agrifood development
  •– Royal Tropical Institute VCD website in the Netherlands, a range of new material
  •– Mesopartner, a German consulting firm, runs this netcasts (small recorded interviews and programs you can download) on LED, one of the issues is Value Chain development
  • For financial services: and
  • For enabling environment: IFC and World Bank PSD sites (e.g. and both rich on resources)

On Gender and Value Chains

  • Mayoux, l. and Mackie, G. (2007): Making the Strongest Links: A practical guide to mainstreaming gender analysis in value chain development: download here: Value Chain Development (VCD)
  • Mccormick, D. and Schmitz, H. (2001): Manual for Value Chain Research on Homeworkers in the Garment Industry. Nairobi and Brighton, Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi and University of Sussex.
  • Papers from DFID sponsored research on global value chains and poverty:
  • Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing Publications from and about the informal sector, development initiatives and initiatives by WIEGO partner organizations:
  • Participation Resource Centre of Institute of Development Studies, Sussex has comprehensive and constantly updated resources on different aspects of participation and participatory methods.

Compiled for ILOs Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise development by Merten Sievers, ILO Geneva, July 2010