New international standard on the elimination of forced labour - Implications for business

A one hour webinar will be conducted by ILO experts on forced labour. The discussion will focus on the important role of business in the global efforts to eliminate contemporary forms of slavery and the new ILO Protocol and Recommendation to Convention No. 29 on forced labour.

The ILO estimates that almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour worldwide, ninety per cent of whom are victimized by private agents. Forced labour in the private economy generates US $150 billion in illegal profits per year. Most victims receive little or no earnings, and work for long hours in extremely poor and unsafe conditions. Many of the victims are trafficked, usually across international borders.

In June 2014, government, employer and worker representatives from the 185 member States of ILO responded to the urgent need for action, adopting a new legally binding Protocol, supplemented by a Recommendation in order to strengthen the global efforts to eliminate forced labour and human trafficking.

The webinar - part of the webinar series organized by the United Nations Global Compact - will provide insights into this new international instrument. ILO experts will discuss the role of business in its implementation.

The webinar will take place on Friday 5 September at 15:30 pm Geneva time (9:30 am New York time). Registration is required on the United Nations Global Compact Web page. You will receive a confirmation message together with instructions on how to participate in the webinar.

Legal and normative documents: Protocol of 2014 to the forced Labour Convention (29) International Labour Standards on Forced Labour