About Us

The ILO’s Sustainable Enterprise Development Programme is a core element of the Global Employment Agenda which, as the employment pillar of the Decent Work Agenda, provides guidance for the attainment of full and productive employment and Decent Work for all.

Sustainable enterprises contribute to more socially inclusive, sustainable societies by promoting higher living standards and full and productive employment. They are competitive, innovative, respectful of the environment and labour rights, and earn a profit so as to contribute to long-term economic prosperity

The Programme is specifically guided by the Conclusions of the International Labour Conference discussion on the “The Promotion 0f Sustainable Enterprises” (2007). These conclusions draw on the latest thinking on sustainable development, entrepreneurship promotion and good corporate citizenship.

In addition to the broad range of instruments of the International Labour Organization, the following instruments provide specific guidance for the programme.

q Recommendation No. 189 on Job Creation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (1998)

q Recommendation No. 193 on The Promotion of Cooperatives (2002)

q Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (revised 2006)

Through the Sustainable Enterprise Development programme, the ILO is contributing to UN reforms through its enterprise development programmes, tried and tested tools, strengthened representation and voice, attention to job quality, and livelihoods that can be incorporated into the “delivering as one” UN strategy.

“The ILO is able to inject an essential impetus to the drive for an integrated approach to sustainable development because it is in workplaces that the social, economic and environmental dimensions come together inseparably.”

Director-General Juan Somavia (2007)