1. Global Employment Trends for Women, 2004

    01 July 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/8

  2. The labour market effects of US FDI in developing countries

    01 June 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/6

  3. Global poverty estimates and the millennium goals : towards a unified framework

    01 May 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/5

  4. Successful employment and labour market policies in Europe and Asia and the Pacific

    01 April 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/4

  5. Global Employment Trends for Women, March 2004

    05 March 2004

  6. Employment and labour market effects of globalization : selected issues for policy management

    01 March 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/3

  7. Macroeconomic reforms, labour markets and labour policies : Chile, 1973-2000

    01 February 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/2

  8. Global Employment Trends Brief, January 2004

    23 January 2004

  9. Macroeconomic reforms and a labour policy framework for India

    01 January 2004

    Employment Strategy Paper 2004/1


  1. Jobs and incomes in a globalizing world

    11 June 2003

    Examines the effects of globalization on jobs, wages and incomes in industrialized and developing countries. Focuses on the 1980s and 1990s.

  2. Employment stability in an age of flexibility. Evidence from industrialized countries

    20 February 2003

    Comprises six papers which provide a comparative analysis of trends in employment security and stability in 16 OECD countries and individual country reports for Denmark, France, Japan and the USA. Covers the period 1990-2000.

  3. Decent work in Denmark. Employment, social efficiency and economic security

    11 February 2003

    Examines to what extent and by what means and mechanisms labour standards and relatively equal income distribution, facilitated by high employment rates and social protection, have contributed to sustaining a high rate of economic growth.

  4. Global Employment Trends Brief, January 2003

    10 January 2003

    First issue of this report


  1. World and regional employment prospects : halving the world’s working poor by 2010

    01 September 2002

    Employment Paper 2002/38

  2. World and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour market

    01 August 2002

    Employment Paper 2002/36


  1. The size of the working poor in developing countries

    01 August 2001

    Employment Paper 2001/16


  1. Methods for producing world and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour market

    01 June 2000

    Employment Paper 2000/6


  1. Employment revival in Europe

    21 December 1999

    Provides a comparative analysis of labour market progress made towards the goal of full employment and decent work in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands and discusses some of the reasons for the relative success of the four countries. Covers the period from 1985 to 1997.

  2. Employment and labour market policies in transition economies

    20 October 1999


  1. Employment policies and programmes in Central and Eastern Europe

    25 March 1997

    Countries are treated separately. Covers the period from 1991 to 1994.