Resources on Labour market policies and institutions

  1. Flexicurity: A relevant approach in Central and Eastern Europe

    25 January 2007

    This book argues, with case studies contributed by outstanding national experts, that the flexicurity approach is the most relevant for Central and Eastern European countries and suggests appropriate reforms of economic policy, institutional framework of the labour market, labour market policy and education and social policies in this region.

  2. Meeting the employment challenge: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the global economy

    13 June 2006

  3. Globalization, economic policy and employment : poverty and gender implications

    01 March 2006

    Employment Strategy Paper 2006/3

  4. Labour market flexibility and employment and income security in Ethiopia

    01 February 2006

    Employment Strategy Paper 2006/1

  5. Wage inequality by gender and occupation : a cross-country analysis

    15 December 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/20

  6. On the evolution of employment structure in developing countries

    01 December 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/18

  7. The end of the multi-fibre arrangement and its implication for trade and employment

    10 November 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/16

  8. Employment in China : recent trends and future challenges

    01 October 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/14

  9. The dynamics of the labour market and employment in Bangladesh : a focus on gender dimensions

    01 September 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/13

  10. Macroeconomic policies for higher employment in the era of globalization

    15 August 2005

    Employment Strategy Paper 2005/11