Resources on Labour market policies and institutions

  1. Guiding structural change: the role of government in development

    24 March 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 49

  2. Unravelling the impact of the global financial crisis on the South African labour market

    17 February 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 48

  3. A survey of the Great Depression as recorded in the International Labour Review, 1931-1939

    15 October 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 42

  4. The well-being of labour in contemporary Indian economy : what’s active labour market policy got to do with it?

    04 September 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 39

  5. Labour market policies in times of crisis

    30 August 2009

    Employment Working Paper No. 35

  6. The Report of the Commission on Growth and Development

    04 September 2008

    Comments by José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Director, Employment Sector, ILO

  7. The employment effects of North-South trade and technological change

    01 June 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 22

  8. Is Asia adopting flexicurity? : A survey of employment policies in six countries

    01 May 2008

    Economic and Labour Market Paper 2008/4

  9. The global employment challenge

    01 May 2008

    This volume offers an in-depth analysis of the state of employment in the world today, providing a detailed and comprehensive picture of the serious challenges faced by today's policy-makers...

  10. Active labour market policies around the world. Coping with the consequences of globalization. (Second edition)

    30 April 2008

    This revised and updated edition provides an authoritative account of how active labour market policies (ALMPs) can help make globalization work better in the interest of workers around the world.