Resources on Labour market policies and institutions

  1. Methods for producing world and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour market

    01 June 2000

    Employment Paper 2000/6

  2. Employment revival in Europe

    21 December 1999

    Provides a comparative analysis of labour market progress made towards the goal of full employment and decent work in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands and discusses some of the reasons for the relative success of the four countries. Covers the period from 1985 to 1997.

  3. Employment and labour market policies in transition economies

    20 October 1999

  4. Wages and employment status flexibility in Mexican manufacturing industry

    01 June 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 17

  5. Effects of profit-sharing schemes on enterprise performance in France

    01 May 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 16

  6. Is child labour really necessary in India’s carpet industry?

    01 April 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 15

  7. The "shake-out" in Russian factories : The RLFS fifth round, 1995

    01 March 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 14

  8. Economic performance, labour surplus and enterprise responses : Results from the China enterprise survey

    01 February 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 13

  9. Indicators of cost-effectiveness of policy options for workers with disabilities

    01 January 1996

    Labour Market Papers No. 11

  10. Labour market crisis in Ukrainian industry : the 1995 ULFS

    10 December 1995

    Labour Market Papers No. 12