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Interest of the service (893,-666)

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  • Judgment 4283

    130th Session, 2020
    European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
    Extracts: EN, FR
    Full Judgment Text: EN, FR
    Summary: The complainant challenges the decision to cancel a competition in which he was a candidate.

    Consideration 5


    The complainant [...] submits that insufficient reasons were given for the decision [challenged]. He contends that in stating that the decision to cancel the competition had been taken owing to “business needs”, the author of that decision had used an “empty formula, devoid of meaning, justification and foundation”.
    However, although the Tribunal’s case law does not regard generic references of that kind as sufficient to provide the reasons for an administrative decision (see Judgments 1231, under 23, 3617, under 6, or 4259, under 12), an examination of the impugned decision in this case shows that, far from merely referring in an abstract manner to the interests of the service, it contains a detailed statement of the reasons for which it was taken.


    ILOAT Judgment(s): 1231, 3617, 4259


    interest of the service; motivation;

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