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Installation allowance (342,-666)

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  • Judgment 363

    41st Session, 1978
    World Health Organization
    Extracts: EN, FR
    Full Judgment Text: EN, FR

    Consideration 5


    If, as "is very doubtful, the language of the letter [...] is sufficient to attach to the payment the condition that the complainant would by accepting it abandon his right to appeal to the Tribunal, this condition would be invalid and of no effect."


    acceptance; condition; installation allowance; payment; waiver of right of appeal;

    Consideration 8


    "'May' makes it clear that the official whose duty it is to give or with hold approval is to apply his own judgement to the questions. [...] But the use of the word 'may' is quite inadequate to confer on the official a large and unbounded discretion so that, even where the conditions were manifestly fulfilled, he could for any other reason that appealed to him or for no reason given with hold the allowance." [At issue is a provision permitting the extension of installation-allowance payments.]


    condition; discretion; extension of contract; installation allowance; limits; period;

    Consideration 1


    "Normally a staff member is expected to find his own living accommodation for himself and his dependants and to pay for it out of his salary and allowances. It is however recognised that upon a change of duty station a staff member may not at once succeed in finding accommodation at normal rates. Accordingly the Staff Rules provide for the payment of an installation allowance."


    amendment to the rules; duty station; installation allowance; purpose; transfer;

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