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Judgment No. 4263


The complaint is dismissed.


The complainant challenges her performance management report for 2009.

Judgment keywords


performance evaluation; complaint dismissed

Consideration 2


This complaint [...] is the third of six complaints filed by the complainant that are presently before the Tribunal. Neither the complainant nor the EPO sought the joinder of this complaint with the other five. While each of the six complaints broadly relates to the same continuum of events with one of the central characters being VP1, mainly each concerns discrete events and each raises different legal issues. This complaint will not be joined with any of the others, consistent with the Tribunal’s case law (see, for example, Judgment 4114, consideration 2) with, additionally, the benefit of creating greater focus on the relevant facts and applicable law attending this complaint and each of the other complaints.


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 4114



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