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Judgment No. 411


It is ordered that
1. the decision of 3 March 1978 be quashed;
2. the Organization should pay to the complainant as compensation 3,000 Swiss francs;
3. the other claims for relief be dismissed.

Consideration 3


"The obligation of the organization [...] is to do all that is practicable to see that a staff member is given work and responsibility appropriate to his grade."


organisation's duties; assignment; grade

Consideration 6


"The complainant is being compensated, not for the lack of a worthwhile job - the organization does not guarantee that - but for the slackness and delay on the part of the administration in looking for one for him."


injury; administrative delay; assignment; transfer

Consideration 5


The chief element in the compensation to which complainant is entitled is the loss of the enjoyment of his job. "True, the new job was a 'comedown' and as such might have damaged him professionally if the damage had not already been done by the events recorded in Judgment No. 361: for such damage compensation has been paid."


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 361


injury; professional injury; transfer; material damages

Consideration 7


The complainant asks for the rescission of the assignment in question. "Since the complainant has now resigned from the organization, the organization submits that no purpose would be served by quashing the [...] assignment. However, the complainant protested strongly at the time against the assignment as unworthy of him and he is entitled to the formal order if he wishes it."


cause of action; assignment; transfer; separation from service; application for quashing

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