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Judgment No. 3756


1. WHO shall pay the complainant 60,000 Swiss francs as material damages offset by any amounts already paid pursuant to the impugned decision to pay the complainant 25,000 Swiss francs.
2. WHO shall pay the complainant 28,000 Swiss francs by way of moral damages.
3. WHO shall pay the complainant 8,000 Swiss francs costs.
4. All other claims are dismissed.


The complainant, a former WHO staff member, challenges the decision to abolish his post and terminate his fixed-term appointment.

Judgment keywords


complaint allowed; abolition of post

Consideration 14


Having regard, amongst other things, to the complainant’s age, grade and the status of his employment (fixed-term appointment) and the circumstances giving rise to the flaw in the process identified in the reasoning of the Tribunal, the Tribunal will award material damages [...].


material damages

Consideration 18


The complainant sought an oral hearing. However the Tribunal is satisfied that the complaint can fairly and adequately be dealt with on the written material provided by the parties.


oral proceedings

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