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Judgment No. 3468


The complaint is dismissed.


As the complaint does not raise issues over which the Tribunal has jurisdiction, it is irreceivable and is summarily dismissed.

Judgment keywords


external collaborator; summary procedure; former official; complaint dismissed

Consideration 4


"[I]t is clear that these issues concerned the application of a policy to the complainant while he was seeking consultancy work with the FAO but when he was no longer an official of the Organization. The policy had no practical or legal application to the complainant when he was an official of the FAO. Accordingly the issues sought to be raised by the complainant in his internal appeal and before the Tribunal are not issues concerning the non-observance of the terms of his appointment as an official of the FAO or of the application of the Staff Regulations applicable to him during his period of employment with that Organization. The complainant’s challenge is made as a potential consultant rather than as a former official. Consequently, his complaint is based on his status as a potential consultant. Having regard to Article II of the Tribunal’s Statute, the complaint does not raise issues over which the Tribunal has jurisdiction."


status of complainant; competence of tribunal; former official; ratione personae; non official

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