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Judgment No. 3460


The complaint is dismissed.


The Tribunal found that the Organisation properly exercised its discretion and it summarily dismissed the complaint.

Judgment keywords


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 2367, 2703


cause of action; summary procedure; outsourcing; complaint dismissed

Consideration 6


"The Tribunal is of the opinion that the Organisation properly exercised its discretion in taking the decision to transfer the administration of all pension files to the ISRP. Such a decision falls within the scope of the regular administration of the Organisation and the Tribunal finds no flaw in the decision-making process, nor in the implementation of the decision. Furthermore the Tribunal finds that the decision cannot be considered unreasonable or outside the range of acceptability as it is uncontested that the ISRP had already been dealing with over a quarter of all EPO pension files as well as the pension files of several other international organizations.
The Tribunal also finds that the complainant’s requests are unjustified as all questions concerning the pension scheme remain under the responsibility of the Organisation, and the adopted outsourcing is merely a tool to increase the efficiency of the administration of the pension files."


general decision; cause of action

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