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Judgment No. 3301


The complaints are dismissed.


The complainant through five irreceivable complaints requested information concerning facts that occurred before his retirement for disability.

Judgment keywords


ILOAT reference: Article 7, paragraph 2, of the Rules
Organization rules reference: Articles 107, par. 2, and 109, par. 3, of the Service Regulations


decision; express decision; implied decision; internal appeal; internal remedies exhausted; complaint dismissed

Consideration 5


The Tribunal considers that the five complaints constitute an abuse of process for three reasons. The first being that the five complaints were essentially identical, the second being that they were clearly irreceivable and the third being that they contained unacceptable, offensive and unjustified expressions against the Organisation as a whole. This would justify the award of costs to the Organisation. However, in the circumstances, considering that the case is dealt with in accordance with the summary procedure, the Tribunal will not award costs.


vexatious complaint; no award of costs

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