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Judgment No. 3156


The complaints are dismissed.


The complainants, who are former staff representatives, unsuccessfully challenge decisions which, in their view, constituted violations of the right of staff representation.

Consideration 16


"Since organisations must prevent [any] abuse of the right of free speech [enjoyed by bodies representing the staff], the Tribunal’s case law does not absolutely prohibit the putting in place of a mechanism for the prior authorisation of messages circulated by [such] bodies [...]. An organisation acts unlawfully only if the conditions for implementing this mechanism in practice lead to a breach of that right, for example by an unjustified refusal to circulate a particular message."


breach; freedom of speech; collective rights; staff union; facilities; staff representative; judicial review; limits; organisation's interest; flaw; bias; condition; refusal; right

Judgment keywords


freedom of speech; staff representative; complaint dismissed

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