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Judgment No. 3114


1. The Tribunal need not rule upon the complainant's claims for execution of Judgment 2740.
2. UNESCO shall pay the complainant an indemnity of 2,000 euros in compensation for moral injury.
3. It shall also pay her the sum of 500 euros for costs.

Consideration 6


A year and a half passed following the recommendations before a final decision was reached, and that decision was obtained only after the complainant had lodged an application for execution with the Tribunal. "This delay is manifestly unreasonable. The complainant will be awarded an indemnity, which it is fair to set at 2,000 euros, for the moral injury she has thus been caused."


application for execution; decision; moral injury; internal appeals body; administrative delay; recommendation; reasonable time; allowance; compensation

Judgment keywords


application for execution; complaint allowed

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