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Judgment No. 3019


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 7


Automatic coverage of spouses under the Organisation's long-term health insurance / Obligation to file a waiver declaration.
"The automatic coverage applied by the Implementing Rules cannot be deemed unreasonable. It is clear that under the system chosen by the Organisation some staff members may be slightly financially penalised if they fail to opt out of the scheme, as their automatic coverage will entail consequent deductions from their salaries. However, in evaluating the possible outcome resulting from automatic coverage and that resulting from a lack of coverage, the Organisation evidently considered that the outcome could be worse in the latter situation as staff members who neglected to enrol their spouses in the long-term care insurance scheme could suffer the severe financial consequences of not being insured when the need arose, and the Tribunal cannot regard the Organisation's choice as unreasonable."


organisation; practice; salary; dependant; deduction; social benefits; insurance; medical expenses; health insurance

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