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Judgment No. 244



Consideration 4


"[T]he complainant did not object to the terms of [his appointments, which gave him local status,] at any time before or during their period of validity. It was only after the appointments had expired that he maintained that Geneva could not lawfully be stated to be his home. It was therefore no longer open to him to contest the terms of appointment, which had become final."


decision; receivability of the complaint; time bar; terms of appointment; contract; local status; non-local status; residence

Considerations 2-3


The complainant, of Tunisian nationality, held fixed-term contracts, followed by a contract of indeterminate duration. Under the terms of these contracts he was "locally recruited". In application of the relevant provisions, "he was deemed to be a locally recruited official and his home was therefore his duty station, namely Geneva, as the Director-General held in the impugned decision."


terms of appointment; duty station; general service category; contract; successive contracts; local status; non-local status; residence; home

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