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Judgment No. 1875


1. The ILO shall pay the complainant 20,000 United States dollars in damages.
2. The ILO shall pay him 2,000 dollars in costs.

Consideration 32


"An international organisation is liable for the material and moral damages resulting from the injury caused to a staff member by his superior (acting in the course of his duties and not in a private capacity) by treatment that is an affront to the staff member's personal and professional dignity (Judgment 1609 [...]); and for victimisation consequent upon improper treatment (Judgment 1376 [...]). A staff member is entitled to have his good name vindicated by the organisation when a superior makes false allegations against him and to redress for the harm caused ([see] Judgment[s] 1340 [and] 1344 [...]). When a third party makes false allegations against a staff member, the organisation should communicate its view that the allegations are without foundation (Judgment 1376 [...])."


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 1340, 1344, 1376, 1609


injury; liability; material injury; moral injury; burden of proof; organisation's duties; respect for dignity; supervisor; misuse of authority; compensation; material damages; abuse of power

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