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Judgment No. 1804


1. The EPO shall pay each of the complainants 3,500 German marks in moral damages.
2. It shall pay each of them 1,000 marks in costs.
3. Their other claims are dismissed.

Considerations 12-14


The promotion of Mr C., presented as the fulfilment of a promise made to him on recruitment, gave rise to a decision adopted on 7 December 1994. "Only that decision was notified to the staff. So the complainants, who were unaware of the promise, were in good faith in challenging the promotion on the grounds that it was in breach of the Rule it actually cited. So they were right in saying that Mr C. had been promoted to A4 even though he did not fully qualify under the [relevant] rules [...]. Because of the unusual circumstances in which Mr C. was promoted the complainants were also right to challenge the decision: the [Organization] had on the face of it failed to observe the general principle of equal treatment because in promoting Mr C. it did not abide by the requirements of the Service Regulations or by the criteria for promotion to which the complainants were themselves subject. The conclusion is that the complainants did suffer moral injury and each of them is entitled under that head to [compensation]".


decision; injury; moral injury; cause of action; general principle; equal treatment; good faith; staff regulations and rules; breach; grade; promotion; appointment; promise; condition

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