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Judgment No. 1800


The complaints are dismissed.

Consideration 8


"The complainants' [...] plea is that the sole purpose of the change in the rules on the [post adjustment] index [decided by the ICSC] was to save money. The Tribunal need only quote the reply it gave to that argument in Judgment 1776: 'If the new method is lawful the fact that applying it saves member States money cannot in itself be a flaw.' And the evidence suggests no misuse of authority by the [ICSC], which, against the odds, tries to find from time to time objective criteria for reckoning post adjustment throughout the common system."


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 1776


icsc decision; case law; member state; amendment to the rules; reckoning; salary; post adjustment; budgetary reasons; misuse of authority; right; official; abuse of power

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