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Judgment No. 1712


1. The Tribunal sets aside the decisions, notified in payslips dated 27 February 1996 for March 1996, to pay the complainants "compensatory amounts" for January, February and March 1996 instead of the typing allowance provided for in Article 4a of Rule No. 7 of the Staff Regulations.
2. Eurocontrol shall pay them in typing allowance for January, February and March 1996 the same sums as those it paid them in "compensatory amounts".
3. It shall pay them a total of 100,000 Belgian francs in costs.
4. Their other claims are dismissed.

Consideration 10


"As the Tribunal has said before, there may be a cause of action even if there is no present injury: time may go by before the impugned decision causes actual injury. The necessary, yet sufficient, condition of a cause of action is a reasonable presumption that the decision will bring injury. The decision must have some present effect on the complainant's position."


absence of final decision; injury; complainant; receivability of the complaint; cause of action; case law; consequence; effect

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