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Judgment No. 1677


1. The Secretary-General's decision of 13 December 1996 is quashed.
2. The ITU shall pay the complainant the special post allowance at grade P.4 as from 1 August 1995 in accordance with Staff Regulation 3.8 a).
3. It shall pay him 4,000 Swiss francs in costs.

Consideration 14


ITU Staff Regulation 3.8 (a) lays down two conditions regarding the payment of a special post allowance: "one is that there must be a post at a higher grade than the claimant's; the other that the claimant must be performing the duties of the post. The Union adds a third condition, that the post description must be recent. But it is wrong: there is neither a written rule nor any particular basic principle that lays down that requirement."


Organization rules reference: ITU STAFF REGULATION 3.8 (A)


organisation's duties; staff regulations and rules; grade; post description; special post allowance; condition

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