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Judgment No. 113



Consideration 1


"As a general rule, amendments made to the Staff Regulations by the competent authority apply forthwith to serving staff members. It is otherwise, however, when the Regulations themselves lay down that the status of staff members in any particular respect is finally settled at a specific date."


exception; acquired right; staff regulations and rules; amendment to the rules; enforcement; provision

Consideration 2


The complainant did not come to the country with the specific aim of seeking employment with the organisation; once there, she sought work and was engaged for short periods. She may in no way be regarded as having come for the purpose of serving in the organisation and may not claim the benefits accruing from non-local status. "[T]he case comes under the general principle that recruitment in the country of the duty station normally results in local status, and there are no abnormal factors requiring the Director-General to decide otherwise."


duty station; appointment; local status; non-local status; residence

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