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Judgment No. 3495


The complaint is dismissed, as are the applications to intervene.


The complainant challenges the fact that she was not promoted in the 2012 promotion exercise.

Judgment keywords


intervention; promotion; complaint dismissed

Consideration 11


"As the Tribunal has already held in a similar case involving Eurocontrol and another official, while every official should have some prospect of advancement within an organisation and may therefore legitimately hope to move up to a higher position one day, there is no automatic right to promotion. This right is limited, on the one hand, by the official’s seniority, qualifications, skills and performance and, on the other, by the Organisation’s administrative structure and budgetary resources (see Judgment 3404, under 8, and the case law cited therein)."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 3404


promotion; judicial review; discretion; right to career advancement

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