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Judgment No. 3465


The complaint is dismissed.


The Tribunal summarily dismissed the complaint for failure to exhaust internal means of redress.

Judgment keywords


internal remedies exhausted; summary procedure; complaint dismissed

Consideration 3


"The Tribunal finds that there is no evidence in the file that the Appeals Committee of the Administrative Council allowed the complainant to be substituted for the previous Chairperson of the Staff Committee in the appeal she had filed. Indeed, on the material before the Tribunal, it appears that the previous Chairperson withdrew her appeal. Nor is there any evidence that the complainant has received a final decision, directed to him, on that appeal. In these circumstances, it must be considered that he has failed to exhaust the internal means of redress as required under Article VII, paragraph 1, of the Statute of the Tribunal. His complaint is therefore clearly irreceivable [...]."


internal remedies exhausted

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