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Judgment No. 3462


The complaint is dismissed.


The complaint, clearly irreceivable, is summarily dismissed.

Judgment keywords


general decision; locus standi; cause of action; summary procedure; outsourcing; complaint dismissed

Consideration 3


"The Tribunal recently had an opportunity to clarify the conditions under which an official can challenge the decision regarding the outsourcing of certain functions. The Tribunal found that it followed from Article II, paragraph 1, of its Statute that an official may challenge before the Tribunal the outsourcing of certain tasks only to the extent that such outsourcing has a direct adverse impact on the rights conferred on the official by her/his terms of appointment (see Judgment 3376, under 3). This condition is clearly not satisfied in the present case as the complainant does not even attempt to explain how the outsourcing in question or the centralization process he challenges before the Tribunal has a direct adverse effect on him or on the rights conferred upon him by his terms of appointment."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 3376


general decision; locus standi; outsourcing

Consideration 2


The complainant’s representative states that there are also four applications to intervene in this case, but he has failed to provide a power of attorney enabling him to represent the individuals concerned before the Tribunal. The power of attorney provided in the file is clearly limited to internal appeal RI/33/10. The Tribunal therefore disregards the submissions regarding the purported applications to intervene.


intervention; power of attorney

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