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Judgment No. 3341


The complaints are dismissed.


The complainants, acting as successive Chairmen of the Central Staff Committee (CSC), impugn the President’s decision not to submit to the Administrative Council a CSC document regarding the protection of human rights within the Office.

Judgment keywords


locus standi; staff representative; complaint dismissed; plenary judgment; en banc review

Consideration 4


"The complainants request oral hearings on several grounds, but the Tribunal confines itself to noting that the written submissions are sufficient to render a reasoned judgment and the complainants raise “no issue that would justify the Tribunal departing from its consistent practice not to grant an oral hearing in cases which turn essentially on questions of law” (see Judgment 3059, under 9). Their request is therefore denied."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 3059


oral proceedings

Consideration 6


"[T]he complainants have no specific right of access to the Council in the capacities which they identify."


locus standi

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