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Judgment No. 2690

  • Organization: Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO PrepCom)
  • Date: 06.02.2008
  • Original: English
  • Judges: Ba, Gaudron, Gordillo
  • Full judgment text - Full judgment text (french)


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 10


The Commission adopted a directive stipulating that staff members appointed to the Professional and higher categories and internationally recruited staff should not, except in certain limited exceptions, remain in service for more than seven years. "The Tribunal cannot accept the complainant's argument regarding the legality of the Directive on the ground that the Preparatory Commission has established, almost from the very beginning of its existence, the non-career character of its functions. Its very nature of being a 'preparatory commission' for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization makes it obvious that the decision thus adopted was in perfect coherence with its own mandate, which is not of a permanent nature."


decision; exception; security of tenure; administrative instruction; terms of appointment; professional category; contract; fixed-term; non-local status; non-renewal of contract; limits; organisation's interest

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