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Judgment No. 2684


1. The ITU shall pay the complainant the amount of 3,000 Swiss francs in compensation for the injury suffered.
2. It shall also pay her 1,500 francs in costs.
3. All other claims are dismissed.

Considerations 6 and 10


It must be emphasised that it is up to the parties to work together in good faith to execute the Tribunal’s judgments so as to ensure that they are executed within a reasonable period of time. It is apparent from the submissions that the procedure for obtaining a further medical opinion, as ordered in Judgment 2551, has been delayed most regrettably in a case in which the Tribunal has already drawn attention to the excessive length of the proceedings.
However, [the Tribunal] is bound to observe that [...] the Union failed in its duty to execute Judgment 2551 in good faith. [T]here is justification for awarding the complainant compensation [...].


moral injury; execution of judgment; good faith

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