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Judgment No. 2522


1. The IAEA shall pay the complainant the sum of 5,000 euros in compensation for moral injury.
2. It shall also pay him 2,000 euros in costs.
3. All other claims are dismissed.

Consideration 7


"The Tribunal concludes that the internal appeal proceedings were not conducted with due diligence or with the care owed by an international organisation to its staff. The complainant had reason to believe that the Agency was making every effort to hamper the proceedings to prevent them from being concluded within a reasonable time. He was not informed of the final outcome of his internal appeal until nearly two months after the Director General had taken his final decision. Moreover, the latter replied to the complainant's request for review more than three months after the request was submitted, and only after an appeal had been lodged with the Joint Appeals Board. The Tribunal concludes from the above that the complainant suffered moral injury."


procedure before the tribunal; decision; late decision; moral injury; internal appeal; time limit; delay; reasonable time; evidence; due process; organisation's duties; staff member's interest

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