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Judgment No. 2387


The complaint is dismissed.

Consideration 3


The complainant serves as President of the Eurocontrol section of the European Civil Service Federation. He asks the Tribunal to quash an instruction which, he submits, causes him injury and directly affects the interests he must defend as a trade union leader. "The Tribunal finds that the complainant does not show a direct cause of action in this case which would allow him to challenge the disputed instruction, since the latter was applicable only to the staff of CFMU, a body to which he does not belong. Insofar as he pleads in his capacity as trade union leader, he would be entitled to file a complaint with the Tribunal only on the basis of his personal employment relationship with the Agency - for instance by challenging measures which concern him personally on account of his duties - but not in order to defend the collective interests of trade union members. On this point the Tribunal refers to consistent precedent (see, for instance, Judgment 1542 delivered on 11 July 1996)."


ILOAT Judgment(s): 1542


locus standi; cause of action; administrative instruction; collective rights; staff representative

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