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Judgment No. 2


The Tribunal
Dismisses the complaint,
Declares that the deposit remains forfeit to the League of Nations.

Consideration 2


The complainant seeks repayment of the sums deducted from his salary after the maximum amount of pension had fallen due to him. "[W]hen he continued actively to perform his duties, while being already entitled to the maximum amount of retirement pension [...], he expressed no protest or reservation concerning the deductions[.] [T]hese deductions are [...] explained by the fact that we have here mutual insurance the purpose of which is to assure to the whole staff pension rights considered to be satisfactory[.] [T]herefore the members necessarily agree to abandon the additional sums paid in by some in order to benefit others, all this within the clearly stated limits of the statutory regulations of the Pensions Fund".


pension; unjspf; contributions; refund

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